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A Great Lawn Care Business Website

The Internet is such an important tool these days for reaching out to customers. If you wish to be successful as a lawn care business operator you really have no choice but to take the Internet very seriously.

Setting up and promoting a website can seem like a daunting task that should be outsourced to professionals and this is true to some extent. However, if you really want to run a website effectively you have to at least take some interest in the process of developing, maintaining and promoting one.

Website Basics

Your lawn care business website should have a basic design that gets your message across and can be clearly understood by all types of potential customers. Include you company name, logo, contact details and information about your company's services.

Include some customer testimonials on your home page to give prospects the impression that you are established and reputable. You can also consider including a portfolio showing some of the properties that you maintain and the excellent condition of their lawns.

If you belong to any business associations or community groups that are respected locally then get permission to display their logos on your home page. This can instill trust in the mind's of your prospects.

Also consider featuring some discount coupons or a promotion that encourages the customer to take immediate action and contact you.

A Passive Lawn Care Business Website

A passive approach is common and usually involves a lawn care company putting up a site just to act as a reference point for customers. This approach hopes that business cards and other 'real world' promotional materials can refer customers to the site.

An Active Lawn Care Business Website

An active approach involves using the Internet to bring targeted visitors to your site and then trying to continually improve your website so that it converts more of these targeted visitors into qualified leads.

One of the most popular methods for bringing in traffic is through search engines such as Google. Ideally you want your company website to be listed highly in the search results when someone in your area searches for lawn care services. This can be done by regularly adding relevant content to your site (search engines love fresh content) and by increasing your ranking with Google by getting other quality sites related to business or lawn care to link to your site.

Another method of getting traffic to your site involves 'pay per click' advertising options such as Google Adwords or MSN Adcenter. These systems allow you to run paid advertisements that are displayed alongside the natural search results of the major search engines. You can target your ads to the keywords that users may type in such as 'lawn care service orange county' (suitable if you are operating your business in Orange County). You can also set your campaign to only show your ads within a specific geographic area.

Starting a Lawn Mowing Business Banner

Once you have brought targeted traffic to your website you have to make sure that those visitors contact you immediately and that they don't leave and forget about you. One way to do this is by integrating an auto responder into your website and offering visitors incentives to sign up to a newsletter. Promise them useful tips or the chance to win free lawn care services and you will then have them on your mailing list and can send them regular emails.

So many customers are turning to the Internet these days to satisfy their needs. Having an Internet presence is therefore an essential part of your lawn care business marketing effort.

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