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Characteristics of Great Lawn Care Business names

If you look through your local Yellow Pages you will see that there are numerous lawn care businesses competing for attention. The great names are the ones that lead to a phone call and build up a desired image in a customers mind. Lawn care companies with bad names often don't get calls at all and fail to build strong connections with people in their market.

Below I have outlined some common characteristics of great lawn care business names that you should take into account before choosing your own.

Relevance and Market Appeal

A great business name conveys a message about what a business does. It should be relevant to what the business does and it should be relevant and appealing to the target market. Including words like 'Lawn Care', 'Lawn Mowing' or 'Lawn and Landscaping' makes it obvious to customers that you are a business that can provide the services that they need.

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A business name can also let people know exactly who is behind the business and you can use this to your advantage. Masculine sounding names work well for many businesses that are operated by males. Females may want to highlight the fact that their business is run by women and go with a name like 'Lawns by Ladies'. Veterans may benefit by picking up some extra business from patriotic customers by going with a name like 'Veterans Lawn Care'.

Serious, Catchy or Funny names?

Coming up with a name that is catchy, clever or funny is one way of standing out in the crowd and this approach may appeal to prospects within a certain market segment. Giving your business a catchy or funny sounding name will allow you to attract attention and ensure that your name is remembered.

Some lawn care business owners feel that they are better served by names that are more serious and professional sounding. After all, a great name should instill confidence in prospective customers and give them the impression that you are a well established and reliable service provider.

There will be much debate about whether the clever, cool or funny lawn care business names are better than the more professional and serious sounding ones. I tend to edge towards the conservative side, but that is only my opinion.

The Importance of Being Unique

Your lawn care business name should be original, setting you apart from all the other lawn mowing services in your area. You may be able to get away with using the same name as a lawn business that is in another state or country although ideally you should think of something that is totally unique. A unique name will be easier to register and trademark than one that is too generic.

Original names make good marketing sense and will help you to avoid legal trouble if your selection is already in use by another business. Keep well away from names that are used by large national franchises as they have deep pockets and are likely to bring legal action against you. Be sure to do some research before you finalize your choice by looking online and by doing a database search at your city or county clerk’s office.

A Memorable name

A good name will be memorable and easy for your customers to pronounce. Once you have a short list of names, seek a variety of opinions from people before you make a selection. Take note of how people pronounce them and which ones they were able to remember a few weeks later.


Your final selection will also have to be practical and functional. It should be short enough to be printed on business cards and other promotional material and it must be practical for answering the phone. The ideal lawn care business name is one that is two or three words in length and easy to pronounce. If your customers are paying by check they will definitely appreciate a shorter name. Don't play around with the spelling of the words that make up the name or customers may become confused.


You need a name that can stand the test of time. If it still sounds great ten or twenty years down the track then you will avoid having to make changes to adapt to future conditions. Go for a name that will endure rather than one that sounds too much like a passing fad.

Owner Satisfaction

Your choice should be something that you will be proud to be associated with and not something that you will tire of easily. A great business name should be appealing and inspiring to you personally as well as to your customers.

Try the name on for a few weeks and see how it fits before making this important decision. Say the name several times over while looking in the mirror every morning. Imagine yourself meeting someone and introducing yourself and your business.

Lastly, you should try to be practical and impartial when comparing names but don't totally ignore your gut instinct.

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