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Design Ideas for Lawn Care Logos

Getting a business logo designed for your lawn care or landscaping business is an important part of establishing a brand identity.

This article discusses the importance of having a great logo design in the competitive lawn care and landscaping industries. It also looks at some common elements of lawn care logos and puts forward some points that you may consider when getting a logo designed.

Convey the Right Message

With landscaping and lawn care it is important to make a good first impression. Some people make decisions based on emotions and their perceptions about what a company is like. Having a logo that appeals to them can go a long way towards having you brand stand out above the others.

To get leads and win customers you have to present a professional image. A DIY logo using clip art or a free template just won't cut the mustard these days. You need a customized, professional looking design that is 'tailor made' for your business only.

When discussing logo design with your graphic designer you should first consider the message that you want to convey through your logo regarding your company's values and how you distinguish yourself from the competition.

Uses of Lawn Care Logos

As a lawn care or landscaping business operator you will find that you are out on the road for part of the day and parked outside the properties of your clients for the rest of the day. When your vehicle has this much public exposure it pays to have your company branding on your vehicle. Having a great logo can really draw attention here, first to the logo and hopefully then to your businesses contact details.

You will also want to display your logo on your business cards, advertising, promotional materials, website and possibly even on uniforms.

Appropriate Images

Think about how you want your customers to perceive your business. You don't want to confuse them so you may want to come straight out with some simple imagery of blades of grass, well groomed lawns, trees, plants or houses. It is great if people are able to recognize what it is that your business does as soon as they glance at your logo so make it obvious. Some image ideas tend to be over-used but a truly great designer should be able to put a fresh spin on a clichéd image.

Starting a Lawn Mowing Business Banner

Some lawn care operators are now going for more 'funky' looking logos with cartoon character mascots to suit their catchy slogans so this is an approach that could also work well. Originality is great so it makes sense to break away from what other lawn services in your area have done with their logos.

Going Green

It seems almost a 'cliché' in these industries to go with various shades of green in a logo. While greens are the obvious choice for colors some adventurous lawn care startups are starting to rock the boat and are coming out with logos featuring combinations of other warm, summertime colors such as yellows, reds, oranges and browns.

Designers will typically use a maximum of two or three colors to help keep the design simple. Remember that it will also have to look good in black and white if it is faxed or photocopied.

Spelling it Out with a Great Font

The style of font or lettering that is used makes up a large part of the overall impression that the public will get from your logo. A good designer will offer a variety of styles for you to consider. The font should compliment other elements of the logo and it should enhance your brand flavor even more. Don't forget to ask your designer for a copy of your logo with your slogan as well as one without.

Getting Inspiration

Have a look at what other lawn care and landscaping companies have done with their logos for ideas but try to be different at the same time. Most custom logo design companies that you will find online have extensive portfolios of work that they have done for other clients.

To get some quick ideas about popular logo styles in this industry try doing a Google image search for 'lawn care logos'. This should produce a range of contemporary designs that will give you an idea of what is popular and what works well.

Design Options

I would recommend getting a custom logo design online. Most packages include designs from multiple designers and the option to request revisions if you want to make changes. It is a great way to get a professional design and have a lot of personal input as well. One great option is The Logo Company.

It has also become popular in recent years to hold a design contest on sites like Using these kinds of 'crowdsourcing' sites you can hold a logo contest, put up a prize and receive entries from designers right around the world.

A great looking, memorable logo should help your business to grow into a recognizable brand. This will help you to market your lawn care company better and improve your chances of finding success.

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