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How to Run a Lawn Care Business

Operations and Productivity

Welcome to this section on running a lawn care business. Below I have set out links to a number of articles on this site that are related to day to day operations, management, business systems and productivity.

Your business operations plan is basically how you run your business on a day to day basis to achieve your goals. It is all about how you employ the resources that are available to you to get the jobs that you have to do completed efficiently and safely. This basically means that you have to have the right equipment, people and methods to service the accounts that your business relies on.

As manager of your business you will have to have systems in place so that your daily operations run smoothly and productivity is maximized.

Running a lawn care business may seem simple at first. However, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Equipment needs can be extensive and you need to understand the logistics of getting everything around and matching the right gear with the right job. Employees need to be hired at some point and some level of training and monitoring is necessary if they are to become a productive part of the business. You need to plan out schedules for yourself and your employees so that you can minimize transport time and costs. Lastly, you need to manage a financial system to monitor cash flows both into and out of your business.

All of this can be managed easily if you employ the right systems to handle each area. You absolutely must be organized if you want to maintain control over your business. Below are a few articles on the subject of running a lawn care business effectively.

1) Lawn Mowing Business Tips for Increasing Productivity

This article sets out a number of practical tips for improving the productivity of a lawn care business. There are many things that can be done to ensure that both you and your employees are working as efficiently as possible. Read the article in full here.

2) Efficient Route Planning for Lawn Care Jobs

Route planning is one area that you cannot afford to neglect. Discover how you can plan out route schedules for yourself and your employees that will allow you to achieve much more with your limited time. Save time, labor costs and fuel costs by planning your routes logically and systematically.Click here for the full article.

3) Lawn Mowing Business Equipment

A basic run down on the equipment needs of your typical small to medium sized lawn care operation. I detail some of the common equipment items and offer advice on how to get the right gear for your business.Click here to learn more.

4) The Benefits of Lawn Care Business Software

There are many software packages that you can purchase to help you be more organized in the daily running of your lawn business. I look at the common packages, highlight why you need them and go through some of the features that are common with this kind of software.Read the article here.