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Lawn care Flyer Template in MS Word, Photoshop, Publisher, Illustrator, InDesign

Lawn Care Flyer Templates and Design Options - Both Free and Affordable

Are you looking for a free lawn care flyer template that you can easily customize into something that suits your business? Or maybe you don't mind paying a little to get a professional looking template with an original design.

In the following report I look at some of the better options that are open to you when it comes to getting a flyer designed for your lawn mowing business promotions.

1) Free Templates on

You can find an excellent selection of free postcard and flyer templates at the Gopher Forum. They have numerous examples that you can access and it seems that anyone is able to copy or customize them for their own business. They even offer advice on how to use their flyers as part of seasonal promotions. You just have to register for a free account on the forum and then you get access. They ask for a donation but there is no obligation to pay anything. Check out these free lawn care flyer templates here and the postcards here.

2) Microsoft Publisher

If you use Microsoft Office, check to see if your package includes MS Publisher. This desktop publishing application comes with a variety of generic business flyer templates that you may be able to customize for your own lawn business. Customization is as simple as entering your own text, selecting a font and changing the color scheme. Some of their templates allow you to change images so you could insert your own relevant image or purchase a stock photo from an online seller like Check out the free templates that come with Publisher here.

3) Online Printing Companies

One great option for having flyers designed is to use a printing company that offers this service. Some online printers have in-house design teams that can handle your design and others have DIY templates that you can customize.

lawn care flyer editable

In fact, some online printers offer a one-stop shop for design, printing and distribution. Some will also mail your direct marketing pieces straight from the press to your mailing list or to a list that you purchase from them. For online printing companies that provide design services or templates check out PSPrint, PG Print, PrintRunner and Taradel.

4) Hold a Design Contest

If you want to pay to have an original flyer designed from scratch why not hold a design contest on 99designs. Designers from around the world will compete to design a flyer to your specifications. You guide the contest by giving further information on what you like and dislike about the entries and contestants make changes to satisfy you. This method is quite expensive with prices starting at $195 for flyers. However, the results can be amazing and you get dozens of entries to choose from. Check out the 99designs site here.

5) Purchase a Template

There are quite a few options for buying lawn care flyer templates online. Price and design quality vary so it pays to have a look around before you decide. had only a couple of lawn care and landscaping industry flyer templates when I checked. Design quality seemed to be excellent but their prices were a little stiff.

6) Design Your Own

It is easier than you think to design your own lawn care flyer. Even a basic word processing program like Microsoft Office or Open Office is suited to this task. If you have some free time then it is well worth giving it a shot.

To get ideas you can always take a look at some of the numerous lawn care flyer samples that are floating around online. While you can't simply copy someone else's flyer without permission you can draw some inspiration from the work of others. You can also borrow certain design elements or phrases from other people's flyers and change them to come up with your own unique creation.

The best way to see a huge variety of examples from around the world is to do a Google image search for 'Lawn Care Flyers'.

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