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Lawn Care Flyers Guide

There are many ways to go about promoting a new or existing lawn care business. One of the traditional low cost methods that has been popular in the industry is advertising flyers.

In this section of the site I go over the ins and outs of lawn care flyers. You'll find a selection of articles below and a list of resources pointing you to some free lawn care flyer templates.

Mention the word 'flyers' when discussing marketing among certain groups of people and it is almost like you have brought up a dirty word. 'They go straight in the trash' you will be told. 'Advertising is moving online these days and you have to embrace social media' others will say. While what they say may be partially true, the fact remains that numerous businesses in the US and around the world are still having success with flyers.

When it comes to marketing a lawn care business with flyers you are basically looking at a three step process. Flyers need to be designed, printed and finally distributed. I offer advice on each of these areas in the articles below.

1) Lawn Care Flyer Templates and Design Options - Both Free and Affordable

You want to advertise your business and you need a quick, easy and affordable solution for getting a flyer designed. There are so many flyer options online and it is easy to waste a few hours looking around and end up getting nowhere.

In this article I summarize your options when it comes to flyer design. Find out where you can get free lawn care flyer templates, where you can purchase affordable ones and where you can go to have original flyers designed. Access the article and links here.

2) Lawn Care Flyer Design Ideas

No matter what, you will want to have some input into the design of your flyer. There is no denying that some flyers work well and produce leads while others are destined for a trip to the nearest landfill without ever getting read at all.

There are certain elements of flyer design that can increase your chances of success. In this article I go over a number of ideas on flyer design for a lawn care business. Find out which factors you should be concentrating on as well as all of the other little details that you should not neglect. Click here to find out more.

3) Ten Ways to Distribute Lawn Care Flyers

There are many free and affordable ways to distribute lawn care flyers. I have identified ten methods that may be effective for your business.

Make sure that you put some serious thought into your distribution methods. Some of the more popular methods will be frowned upon by many in your community and some methods are even illegal. You must make sure that you know what you are doing before you start your flyer drops.

To read a list of my ten methods as well as advice on using each approach click here.

4) Lawn Mowing Flyers - The Good and the Bad Side

Don't discount this marketing method until you have tried it at least a few times. Advantages to flyer marketing are numerous and include the low cost, ability to track results, laser targeting possibilities and the range of free and affordable distribution methods. But there are also numerous disadvantages to this form of marketing.

In this article I look at the upside as well as the downside of advertising flyers in the lawn care business. I include a few valid reasons why you might decide that this form of marketing is just not for you. For all the pros and cons click here.