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Reasons for Starting a Lawn Care Business

So you want to start a lawn mowing business and are looking for good reasons to choose this industry over others. While every entrepreneur's motivation for getting into this industry will differ there are some common reasons why this business is so attractive. Below I look at some of the typical reasons for starting a lawn care business.

Low Entry Barriers

The lawn care business is one of the easiest businesses to enter due to the low startup costs required and this makes it an easy choice for many people who want to start their own business.

In this industry it is not necessary to have any qualifications. While you will need some experience in lawn mowing and maintenance this can easily be achieved in a short period of time.

It is relatively simple to set up a business and apply for a license if necessary. Many people also operate smaller lawn businesses under the radar, taking cash jobs and not declaring their income.

Market Size

Due to the sheer size of this multi-billion dollar industry and the variety of opportunities within it many people see it as an obvious choice. There is plenty of work available for those who are prepared to go out and get it. Being a localized business there are opportunities just about everywhere.

Resilient During an Economic Downturn

Many people say that lawn care is recession proof and to some extent this statement is true. At the very least it is fair to say that the lawn care industry suffers less than other industries during tough economic times.

Be your Own Boss

Being self-employed in the lawn care industry puts you in control of your own destiny. You can put as much time into your business as you like and thus you can determine how much money you make. You can work only the hours that fit in with your lifestyle and hobbies or you can work non-stop if you really want to make a lot of money out of it. The freedom that can be gained by starting your own business is another compelling reason that brings people into the lawn care and landscaping industries.

Working Environment

Many people like the fact that they will be working outdoors and some even enjoy working hard physically as it keeps them fit and healthy.

Variety of Work

The day to day work of a lawn care business operator offers a great deal of variety. You are out on the road, performing a variety of jobs and interacting with customers and employees. Many see that as a more satisfying life than being stuck in an office cubicle for large parts of the day.

Seasonal Work

The seasonal nature of the business appeals to others. Why not work hard for eight months of the year and take a four-month vacation in Mexico during the off-season?

Home-Based Business Opportunity

Depending on local zoning regulations and the amount of equipment you have you should be able to run a lawn care business out of your house and garage. This allows you to save money on renting commercial premises or storage space while your business is still small. As you will be working from home for at least part of the day doing administrative work you will also have the chance to be closer to your family.

There are many reasons why people are drawn to start a lawn service business. I think that the main reason is that the work opportunities are there to provide you with an income if you work hard for it. In other businesses you can work hard and still not be guaranteed to make a living. In lawn care though, you can almost guarantee that you will make a living if you work hard. With a bit of luck and careful planning you can easily scale up to a healthy income of $50,000 to $100,000 or more per year.

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