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Tips for Naming a Lawn Mowing Business

By Steve Sutherland

Lawn care is a competitive business just like any other industry. A great business name can help you in many ways but there is a lot to consider before you make your final selection. Here are some tips, tests and practical activities that will help to make the process of naming a lawn mowing business a breeze.

Word Combinations

Cut out a few dozen pieces of paper and then write a relevant word on each piece. You may write words like lawn, care, service, mowing, yard and so on. Other words may include your name, your area, words that describe your service and other words that you think are powerful and relevant. Use a thesaurus to expand your list as much as possible. Then you can go through and place pieces of paper alongside each other to come up with a variety of different combinations.

A Simple Memory Test

Try this simple test to see how memorable a lawn mowing business name is. Once you have come up with a short list of options, run them by a few of your friends and get their opinion on them. Then, one week later, go back to them and ask them to recall all of the suggestions on your short list. You will soon be able to separate the memorable names from the easily forgettable ones.

The Telephone Test

It is likely that most of the time that your customers hear your business name it will be over the telephone. Before finalizing your choice make sure that you do a few test runs over the phone. Practice answering the phone using your business name and ask friends if it comes across clearly and sounds professional.

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The Spelling Test

If prospective and existing customers are going to find you online or write your name down to refer you to their friends then they have to be able to spell your name correctly. Give your proposed names the spelling test by asking a few people to spell them out when they hear them. Take note if they get them right or wrong.

Start With the Logo

Still stuck for ideas? Why not start with your logo and work backwards. Think about the kind of image that you would like to have on your logo design and then work backwards from there. For example, if you think that a shark would look cool on the logo for a lawn care company than consider the name 'Lawn Sharks' (note that variations of this name are already in use by many lawn mowing services).

Check for Domain name Availability

You will undoubtedly want to set up a website to promote your business fairly quickly after you start out. Checking to see if a suitable domain name is available for your future website requirements is therefore smart thinking. As social networking becomes more popular over time you may also have to consider user name availability on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

If you are doing business in the US then you really should own the .com for your business name. You may also acquire domains with other extensions like .net but you should not proceed to select a name unless you can register the .com immediately after your decision.

Check Search Engine Results

Once you have finalized the short list of names for your new lawn mowing business check the main search engines like Google and Yahoo to make sure that your proposed names are original. You want customers to be able to find your website at the top of the listings when they search for you by your business name. If there are numerous other businesses with similar names then you may not rank highly when prospects search for you.

Consider Acronyms

Give some thought to acronyms before finalizing your selection. Many people use acronyms instead of having to say a whole series of words in full to save time. For example, 'Bob's Lawn Service' could be referred to quickly as BLS. If a name is on the lengthy side then it will be convenient to have an acronym that sounds good and flows nicely. You may also want to check that the acronym for your business name doesn't spell out anything that is rude or offensive.

Think about a Slogan

Many lawn care businesses also have a slogan that they use on their promotional materials. The business name and the slogan will usually be read together so they have to be well suited to each other and flow nicely.


Consider using alliteration in your lawn care business name. If certain words within the name start with the same letter, the name may sound more catchy and memorable. Some examples are 'Larry's Lawn Care' or 'Gary's Garden Services'.

Its Only Part of the Puzzle

Keep in mind that a business name is only one piece of the marketing puzzle. A great name cannot make up for sloppy marketing or poor service. While you should put some serious time and effort into coming up with a great name don't obsess over it. It takes much more than just a name to bring in and satisfy customers.

There are no Rules

Remember that there really are no rules when it comes to naming a business. You should definitely seek out advice and ideas while remembering that different things work in different industries, places and markets. Some business names break all the rules yet they still work. Others conform to the principles set out by branding experts yet they flop totally when put to the test in the marketplace.

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